There is a science to healing yourself. And as with any science, there is an optimal way to do it.

Hello, I am Chris Lipcsei.

I coach overachievers and high performers to unlock their happiness & full potential through using my unique combination of the most efficient healing tools invented in the past 100 years.

As a fellow high performer, my life has been anything but boring. I raised myself, spent a decade soaking up knowledge & achievements in competitive environments, and lived on three continents.

I always understood things, but not myself. When I discovered & started studying the emerging science of healing, I finally had a tool to uncover all the good, bad, and ugly things about my personality.

I realized that being an overachiever meant that I had tremendous muscle and energy, but I was swimming against the tide‚ÄĒeven when it was not needed anymore.

Always having been a pioneer, I poured all my resources into a multi-year, full-time healing journey, during which I also became a healing practitioner and one of my own main sources of support.

I was bullish. Yet, it turned out to be more impactful than I could have ever expected.

After going through over a thousand hours of the most efficient practices, working with the best therapists, healers, medicines, I felt like I discovered a unique cheat code.

Up until this point, I played my whole life on hard mode. Now, I get to keep the muscles and skills, but the difficulty is significantly lower.

I started feeling happy, free, confident, and magnetically attractive. And for the first time in my family lineage, it was not tied to my job or performance. It was all mine just because I've done this work.

The past two years I've been pursuing my passion in finding & bringing the most effective healing and coaching tools to other high performers and overachievers.

I believe that healing our subconscious is the next frontier, and working with it is the most fundamental skill we all have to develop.

You may have a hard time trusting professionals.

As a consultant, I was¬†paid to sniff out insecurities and mistakes‚ÄĒbe they¬†in financial models or people.

Having such high expectations makes me a scary client for most forms of therapy and coaching.

I am very picky about choosing my own practitioners.

I would never want to work with someone who can't keep up with me, and is not keeping up with the trends. 

Most of my clients choose to work with me because they are exactly like this, and have no doubts that I will be able to stay ahead of their demands.

Every day of my career, I developed skills that I use in my healing work today. With each choice I make, my clients benefit from the same analytical rigor & limitless creativity that made me a #1 performer at McKinsey.

My Professional Journey So Far:

Associate @ McKinsey

Strategy @ Google

GSB MBA, 2021

IFS-Informed Practitioner, 2023

My Experience With Healing:

  • Delivered 800+ hours of¬†IFS-informed one-on-one coaching
  • Practiced 1,000+ hours on myself, which, by definition, is even more difficult than client work
  • Received 500+ hours of one-on-one IFS therapy & coaching, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Reichian/L√∂wenian Bioenergetics, Psychodynamic Therapy, Psychodrama, Systemic Constellations, and guided medicinal journeys
  • I developed and teach¬†Parts Journaling, an¬†efficient, gamified, innovative method of¬†doing Solo IFS
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