Are you on the path to your ultimate potential?

And by your ultimate potential, I mean:

  • Pursuing a mature, purposeful version of your boldest dreams,
  • Living in freedom from fear, guilt, other people's (and your own) expectations, and
  • Being extremely confident, no matter what life throws at you?

Maybe you have some of these, but only when wearing your favorite dress or suit, or while waving a print of your resume. If your confidence relies on external factors, you are not free. There is fear in your subconscious.

The blocks you have around making big changes and taking on risks in your life are a direct result of this.

If you are reading this, you are probably like me: a high performer. We're masters of building, nurturing, solving, and making things happen. Where we go, and when we work, things change.

Our work is so valuable that doing becomes our main way of existing in the world. We surround ourselves with those that see value in our skills. Many rely on us, and we rely on knowing that they rely on us.

By the time we realize how valuable we are to others, we often find ourselves in golden handcuffs, difficult relationships, or in jobs that sell us at 10x value to the highest bidder with little respect for our values or aspirations in life.

We become so busy that we can't find the time, energy, or justification for pursuing our own 'childish' passions or 'grandiose' visions.

I wish someone had told me this earlier:

Those passions and visions are your most valuable gifts to the world, waiting to be unearthed.

Because you are so damn good at everything you do: what you choose to do with your life matters.

And if you keep doing what others want, who is going to do what YOU want?

I know how hard it is to break the pattern of chasing others' dreams. We become indispensable to others, and it feels impossible to let go of that.

"What if there's no better life out there for me?", many of us would ask. Or: "what about everyone who relies and counts on me"?

I've been there, gone through the whole thing myself... I'd be lying if I told you that it was easy. And as I was a pioneer, I had to figure out many things for myself.

But it's doable, and you already have everything to do it. You don't need more money, the perfect partner, or another promotion.

You need space, stability, and the intention to heal, change, and finish your unfinished business so you can move into a new, bold, free, purposeful chapter of your life.

And, you need to learn how to work directly with your subconscious. This will give you more clarity than you've ever had in your life. If you've done therapy, and you're now stable... this is the next step.

You've been the captain of so many ships. It's time to take the helm of your own.

If you are ready to unlock your ultimate potential:

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Hello, I am Chris.

After an intense decade of highly competitive work (MBB + Business School + Google), I left the corporate world in 2023 to become a full-time coach.

After all that time learning things, there is now only one thing that I am fully convinced about:

The subconscious is the next frontier.

It is the basis of mental health, but it is way more than that. Despite the fact that academics still use the infamous iceberg slide to portray it (which usually means we don't know what's under the water), in fact, we have learned an awful lot about the subconscious in the past decade.

For example, we know how to use it to take someone into 'maintenance' mode, just like they do with the robots in Westworld. When this happens, you will know exactly what's going on inside your body, mind, and nervous system in fascinating detail.

And here's the more interesting part: we know the exact ruleset the subconscious is governed by, and so we also know how to change it. Healing practitioners do that to make you free.

I love seeing fellow skeptics light up when they get it and realize that they are about to embark on the most magical journey of their lives.

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If you are like me, you may have a hard time trusting professionals.

(Especially with stuff like this. Yes, we all had a weird classmate who subscribed to some beliefs that to the rest of us sounded like an MLM. And no, I wasn't that classmate. Until Bitcoin.)

When choosing a coach, we rely on familiarity. Most of my clients chose to work with me because they wanted someone who can keep up with them.

I can.

The same analytical rigor & limitless creativity that made me a top performer at McKinsey helped me develop my thesis about healing. And if you are my client, you get to benefit from not having to figure out all of that for yourself.

I worked and studied at:

McKinsey & Company
Stanford Graduate School of Business

Every single day of my career, I learned something that helped me become the efficient, practical, compassionate coach that I am today.

About Chris

Originally from Budapest, Hungary, after an accelerated career trajectory and living on 3 continents, I discovered that most of my fears and decisions stemmed from the subconscious structure I developed due to growing up as a gifted, sensitive, overly eager person in a place that wasn't ready for one.

This realization allowed me to heal, finish decades' worth of unfinished business, and become truly free for the first time in my life.

Imagine how far I could have gone if I had realized this earlier.

I was fortunate and privileged to work with the best therapists, coaches, healing practitioners, and the most promising methodologies and plant medicines.

I used my consulting-tested ability to pick up and improve on complex matters to learn everything about the healing of personality burdens, a new paradigm within psychology that I personally believe to be the next big thing that will solve most of our problems once academia catches up.

I trained in these arts and became my own lead healer, which allowed me to get through my own journey faster and cost-efficiently.

I left the corporate world in 2023 to become a full-time coach. I teach people how to work with their subconscious and bodies strategically to achieve maximum freedom & confidence.

When I am not in session, I provide unsolicited advice to fellow self-healers on Reddit.

Sounds relatable? Let's chat.

What I help my clients achieve:

Full Emotional Freedom

Employ guided subconscious trancework (Internal Family Systems and other modalities) on yourself to discover & release the burdens that keep you from pursuing your highest potential.

Strategic Self-Healing

Gain practical self-healing tools adapted from modern psychology. Learn how to use them strategically to create the life you want.

Subconscious Mastery

Discover the unique shape of your subconscious through IFS, all from the comfort of your own home. Get to know yourself better than ever before.

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