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Internal Family Systems for Overachievers

Carry less to become free

Unblock your subconscious to create the rich life, fulfilling relationships, motivating career, and innate confidence you worked so hard for.

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Internal Family Systems for Overachievers

Carry less to become free

Unblock your subconscious to create the rich life, fulfilling relationships, motivating career, and innate confidence you worked so hard for.

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Despite building options your entire life,
you have more constraints than ever before:

You cannot alter your career trajectory.

Even though your resume could get you any job, and you have the expertise to start your own thing, you are too invested to trade down or start playing a different game.

Your relationships don't give you fulfilment.

You care about connection a lot, but rarely get the easy, fun, deep, meaningful interactions you long for. You keep getting caught in difficult, painful patterns.

You carry a lot of unfinished business.

The list of important things that you have to take care of before you can live your dream life keeps growing. It constantly feels like you need just one more step change before you can face them.

Despite pursuing freedom your entire life, you have more constraints than ever before:

You can't make surprising changes in your career.

Even though your resume could get you any job, you are too invested and carry too much responsibility to trade down or get out of the game.

Your relationships don't give you enough fulfilment.

It takes investment to nourish your relationships, yet you rarely get the easy, fun, or deep, meaningful interactions you are longing for. 

You carry a lot of unfinished business.

The list of important things that you have to take care of before you can live your dream life keeps growing.

You are not on the shortest path to the easy, happy, free, purposeful life that you want.

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About Chris

My name is Chris Lipcsei. I grew up in Budapest, Hungary, surrounded by my tiny, working class family, and a long list of furry and non-furry friends.

When I was 23, I got into management consulting, adopting a lifestyle I never even knew existed. I loved being around people similar to me, and this career opened a lot of doors.

Being a top performer in management consulting was key in overcoming poverty, the legacy limiting my family for generations.

By the time I finished business school, I was in a pretty bad shape. I lived so many different lives, all of them with full force. It required many sacrifices, and I left much of myself behind every time I started a new chapter.

I used my brain and discipline to create options for the first 30 years of my life. I believed that I was the voice in my head, which helped me perform and always do the right thing.

I was in talk therapy since 2017, which helped me cope, but I was mostly using my brain, and so permanent, deep change was never in sight.

I knew that what helped me get here was not going to help me get to a happy, easy, fulfilled life.

In 2020, I started a deep, subconscious healing journey. In 2022, I discovered IFS, EMDR, and Somatic Experiencing, which cracked my mind open. Having experienced their effects first hand, I believe these are the most valuable inventions we've discovered in the past hundred years.

After training in IFS and developing my own ROI-focused healing modality, in 2023, I started my full-time coaching practice. I work with high performers who want to use these subconscious tools to move beyond fears, survival, indecision, and heal the burdens that keep them from living the happy, fulfilled, connected lives they always desired.

I spent close to a decade creating options for myself.


McKinsey & Company
2015 - 2019
(fastest DTA in the region)


Stanford GSB
2019 - 2021
(2nd Hungarian graduate)

Strategy Senior Associate

Google LLC
2022 - 2023
(my first layoff)

Then came my own subconscious healing work.

Picture of Chris before and after recovering from CPTSD

My largest & best investment: healing myself

  • Received¬†500+ hours¬†of IFS therapy & coaching, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Reichian/L√∂wenian Bioenergetics, Psychodynamic Therapy, Psychodrama, Systemic Constellations
  • Experienced all major forms of¬†facilitated¬†medicinal journeys
  • Recovered from most problems¬†I faced as an overachiever: perfectionism, anxiety, stress, disconnection from my emotions, somatic pains, skin inflammations, feeling like I need to do everything myself, poor relationships, addictions, toxic shame & guilt...¬†
  • Reconnected to my body, became attractive, and felt¬†innately¬†confident for the first time in my life

Helping fellow high performers as a practitioner

  • Delivered 800+ hours¬†of¬†IFS-informed one-on-one coaching
  • Self-coached 1,000+ hours¬†using my proprietary methodology supporting my own recovery from CPTSD
  • Created and teach¬†Parts Journaling, a gamified method for doing Solo IFS
  • Practice focused on ROI-driven healing
  • IFS-Informed Practitioner¬†trained by the late Derek Scott @ IFSCA (2023)

European Public Policy Professional (33)

I could not recommend working with Chris more. I just scratched the surface in therapy. IFS coaching really helped me get to the core and I saw changes I did not think were possible.

Astrophysics & Large Language Models PhD (29)

I have been on a healing journey for 10+ years, but it wasn't until I started working with Chris and delving into IFS that I truly began to see a remarkable and rapid transformation.

Work with me

6-Month Transformation

$500 / month

Comprehensive IFS-Informed Coaching Program

  • 1 x 90 minutes Parts Priority Setting Session
  • 11 x 60 minutes¬†one-on-one Somatic Internal Family Systems¬†coaching
  • Real-time Integration & Solo IFS Support via Voxer
  • Early access to any courses I release

Before you commit:

  • Learn what you can achieve¬†during the program in our free 30-minute consult;
  • First dive into IFS during your 90-minute Parts Work¬†Priorities session.

100% risk-free

If you don't want to continue, you'll get the rest of your investment back, no questions asked.

Hourly IFS Coaching

$260 / 60 min

  • Experience what Somatic IFS feels like and what it can bring to your life;
  • Gain insight into an area you want to grow in;
  • Enjoy instant relief by uncovering your most active protective mechanisms;¬†
  • Make a leap in your ongoing depth healing work.

For safety reasons, we only do depth work if you can see me again as needed.

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